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Captain America 4 is set to show the return of one of the most powerful MCU heroes

Captain America 4 will see Sam Wilson take on the mantle of the hero, but another powerful character is set to make his return in the upcoming film.

Capitán América: Brave New World

Captain America: Brave New World’ is set to release next year as the official debut (in theaters) of the next version of one of Marvel’s biggest heroes. After the retirement of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) at the end of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) went through an entire series to finally pick up the shield and continue the legacy of the Cap, wings and all. The upcoming film is bringing in lots of new faces, but now we know that one of the most powerful heroes of the MCU is also making a return: The Sorcerer Supreme himself.

And no we’re not talking about Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, as his 5-year-long stint being disintegrated by Thanos resulted in him losing the position, even if he still acts to protect the world just the same. No, the title of Sorcerer Supreme has now fallen on the shoulders of none other than… Wong. And he’s been doing a great job too, popping up on some of the most important movies of Phase 4, and now reportedly set to appear in Captain America 4.

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A Marvel insider confirmed that the character will be the one going around recruiting the next official team of Avengers, and to be fair he’s already been doing that for a few movies. Back at the end of ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’, he’s the one that picks up the titular martial art master (and sidekick Katie) and brings them to the Sanctum Sanctorium for a meet-up with Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel. Now it appears he’s officially gathering a team for whatever threat has been approaching.

The next Avengers will be the largest ensemble of heroes ever

Whoever their leader is, it would appear as if the next Avengers movie is finally bringing a huge threat back into the MCU, as the people behind it have revealed that it’ll be the biggest crossover they’ve ever done with over 60 heroes on screen.

We still don’t have confirmation on who these 60 characters will be, or what they’ll be facing, but the list of possibilities are incredibly expansive and cover several teams and corners of the Marvel Universe. Take a look at our best guesses here.

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