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Chris Evans (Captain America) talks about a possible return to the MCU

Possible and notable returns at a time of ups and downs for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Marvel is considering reuniting the original Avengers and bringing back Chris Evans as Captain America, according to Variety. If it is true that there were doubts about the future, especially with the villain of this new saga, there have been some steps forward with other productions such as Fantastic Four. But does that mean we have to look to the past?

This Monday, the actor participated in the program ‘The View’ on ABC, where he was asked about the rumors of his return to the MCU, his response was to laugh while clarifying that “I always see those reports, too - it’s news to me. I think every couple of months, someone says, ‘They’re getting Downey and Hemsworth and Scarlett and everyone’s coming back. No one has spoken to me about it. Evans doesn’t get the idea, but he’s protective of his role as Captain America and would only consider reprising it under the right conditions.

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A complicated moment for Marvel Studios

The current moment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of ups and downs. Outstanding productions with a strong following, such as ‘Loki,’ are mixed with others, such as ‘The Marvels,’ which did not achieve the success beyond its opening weekend that the North American company might have hoped for. The film’s drop-off from its opening weekend was 87%, marking the largest second-week drop in ticket sales ever for Marvel Studios.

A negative record and a movie that the public has turned its back on, which had a budget of more than 200 million dollars and today is really far from reaching the box office figures expected for such an expensive production. The flop is outstanding in countries like China, and if it continues in this line, “The Marvels” would enter the list of the 15 films with the biggest decline in ticket sales in history, and it is already the worst premiere in the history of superhero films between its first and second week.