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Dead Island 2 ending explained: All you need to know about the ending

The latest Dambuster Studios game was released last week, but some might have already finished it and have some questions about its abrupt ending.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 just released last week, and some hardcore players, or fans of the previous entries of the franchise might have finished the game in one sitting. It took almost 7 years for the game to be done but it can be beaten in just a few hours.

Yet, there’s something important, it’s ending. While no one should expect this game narrative to be at the same level of other zombie or infected games, it’s final arc really has its twists and turns, so we will take a look at what happens at the end of Dead Island 2 and how does the bloody and fun adventure through Hell-A goes.

Warning: spoilers for the Dead Island 2 ending coming up next.

Explaining Dead Island 2 ending

What really happens at the end of Dead Island 2? Well a cliffhanger, to be sure, but we are just getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a look at what happens on the twenty-fourth and final main mission within Dead Island 2, Hollywood Ending.

The final mission takes us to Hollywood where you need to find and chase Dr. Reed to get all the information about the zombies and find a way to help your friends escape.

Though a mission where you fight legions of zombies and almost everything the game has to offer, you confront Dr. Reed only to discover that the autophage is a dormant threat in everyone, and what happened on Los Angeles was done in order to create a cure. After a long battle against the final boss, you awaken on a final run to get back into the helicopter, killing every zombie between you and your objective.

Dead Island 2
Full screen

In the final moments, your character escapes to find their friends at the gate that leads to the helicopter. At this moment the final cutscenes begins, where you save Sam’s life. While you could escape with the group, you know Tisha is missing and decide to stay behind and search for her. With that, your group leaves you behind, looking at you while your character continues slaughtering zombies.

Could the story continue on a future unannounced DLC? Or is this the definitive ending? We don’t know. Sure some details are up in the air. Players and fans should wait for any news Dambuster Studios make in the upcoming weeks. Let’s not forget that a Dowloadable Content was already announced with the Special and Gold Edition, but its contents have not been revealed.