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Dead Island 2: how to get mutated hearts

We’ll tell you how to get one of the most difficult to find crafting items in Dead Island 2: Mutated Hearts.

Dead Island 2 cómo conseguir corazones mutados

Dead Island 2 hit the market on April 21 as one of the great alternatives for lovers of zombie survival. As usual in the franchise, getting resources by exploring the world is vital for making the best weapons... or completing missions. One of the most difficult items to find is mutated hearts. We’ll tell you how you can get it.

How to get mutated hearts in Dead Island 2

Mutated hearts are part of the loot dropped by dead Mutators. These enemies are special and appear very few times during the game’s campaign. In fact, they don’t appear until you complete the Ocean Avenue main quests.

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Mutators are zombies of enormous proportions that leave their torsos uncovered by sharp claws. One of its arms is a kind of giant knife, while from a distance it can shoot spikes that can cause you to bleed. When you defeat the first one, you will see that the rest of the districts have specific respawn points, marked with their white icon. When you go there you will find one.

We must remember that mutators in the open world do not work as in main missions. Its appearance is that of a basic sprinter, pale in color and barely dressed in pants. If you don’t kill it during this phase, it will mutate into its final version, hence its name. When you manage to kill him before mutating you will receive an achievement or trophy, it depends on which version you are playing.

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When you defeat them, they might leave a mutated heart among other loot. If you need more, the process is straightforward: travel to another district and return immediately. The hotspot will have spawned a new Mutator ready to be killed. You can check how many you have in your inventory by opening the inventory menu.