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Diablo 4: every KFC cosmetic available and how to get them

If you’re going to devote yourself to a life of slaying demons and saving the world, might as well get some chicken while you’re at it

Diablo 4: every KFC cosmetic available and how to get them

Demons and fried chicken don’t tend to have much in common, but today they do: Diablo 4 is releasing today for certain pre-orders (and next week for everyone else), so they’ve chosen to join forces with KFC to bring some legendary in-game cosmetic items to the title.

All of the Diablo 4 KFC cosmetics

If you’re wondering what kind of unholy artifacts of deliciousness KFC has prepared for their collaboration with Blizzard, we’ve got the answers you seek. Below you’ll find a list of all five weapon transmogs you can unlock when taking part in this promotion:

  • Vessel of the Eleven (totem)
  • Dread Pheasant Slayer (bow)
  • Hand of Gallus (polearm)
  • Thrumming Axle (staff)
  • Foul Reaper (two-handed scythe)

You can take a look at their in-game icons in the Reddit post below (which technically leaked it a couple of weeks ago), but know that all of them are actually pretty neat. While they all have extremely pun-tastic names in reference to KFC, birds, and spices, they’re all quite clever and manage to fit in with the aesthetics of the grimdark medieval fantasy game.

How to unlock the Diablo 4 KFC cosmetic items

Getting this special items is actually pretty simple, as there’s two steps to follow.

Unlocking your first reward

  • Log into your KFC account (it’s free)
  • Link it to your account

This will give you your first reward.

Unlocking rewards 2 to 5

  • Using your KFC account (either online or through the app), order a qualifying product
  • Every qualifying product you order will reward you with an additional cosmetic.

That’s it! If you’re wondering what a “qualifying product” actually is, they’re clearly labeled when ordering from KFC. All in all, you’ll have to buy four of these items to get all of the reward. You can check all of the details for this promotion through the official promo page, but you’ll only be able to do this until July 2, 2023.

The foundations of a hellishly good time

If you’re still on the edge about whether to get Diablo 4 or not, well we might have something to help with that. Blizzard invited us to try a pre-release version of the game a few games ago, and we brought you that experience through our Review-in-progress of the game. Given the live-service nature of this new title, it’s almost impossible to guarantee how the game will fare once the servers go live, but what is there with the base game at launch is fantastic.

In our review, we said that Diablo 4 is “a genuinely fun game that evolves the Diablo formula players love, with an expansive world shared with hordes of other players. We’ll keep playing to figure out if it all lives up to its promises after the rest of the content makes its way to the game.” Check out the full review so you can get a deeper insight into what to expect when the game officially goes live on June 5 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Source | KFC, Blizzard Entertainment


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