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DOOM: The Dark Ages is Id Software’s return to the series to be announced at the Xbox Games Showcase

Id Software is preparing to announce a return to DOOM during the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase in June, with an unexpected medieval theme.

Doom Eternal

It has been more than four years since Doom Eternal launched to critical acclaim. An amazing FPS that was a tremendous breath of fresh air in a historical franchise that is used to releasing titles of the highest level, but fans are now eager for a new installment. Fortunately, journalist Tom Henderson has confirmed in Insider Gaming that a new entry called DOOM: The Dark Ages will be presented to the world on June 9 at the Xbox Games Showcase, set to be released on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

DOOM: The Dark Ages has reportedly been in development for at least four years. Henderson stated that in 2023 he learned of the first details of this new installment of the franchise, which was described to him as “a medieval-inspired Doom world.” The codename of the game during its creation was “Year Zero”, which can say a lot about what is to come. Will we be shown an early era of the franchise with the Doom Slayer in a medieval period? Everything indicates that DOOM: The Dark Ages may be a kind of prequel that shows us the saga in a way never seen before.

The return of a video game classic that remains at the top

Microsoft wants to aim high for the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9 and a new game in the Doom saga is a safe bet. A tremendous success for both id Software and Xbox, the last two installments of the franchise have managed to redefine the classic and place it back in the place from which it should never have left.