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‘Dragon Age: The Veilguard’ will let you import choices from the previous games to alter the story

In classic BioWare fashion, it appears that Dragon Age: The Veilguard will allow players to alter the game’s world through choices made in the previous titles of the franchise.

Dragon Age The Veilguard impresiones puerta cerrada Summer Game Fest

BioWare fans know that, for a long period of tame back in the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation, the studio allowed player choices to carry on into future titles of their series. Choices always mattered, and series like Dragon Age and Mass Effect changed and adapted according to the players’ actions. So it’s a relief to hear that when Dragon Age: The Veilguard releases, it’ll bring back the feature… in a way.

During an interview with IGN, Game Director Corinne Busche revealed that they’ve implemented the feature into the character creator of the new game. They didn’t go into many details about it, but it was confirmed that players will be able to customize their Inquisitor character from Dragon Age: Inquisition to alter how the game begins.

“What’s not lost on us is that it’s been 10 years since existing players have played. They might not remember [what they did in previous games],” said Busche. “They might need that refresher and we don’t want new players to feel like they’re missing out on those decisions. So in the character creator, I like to call it last time on Dragon Age, but you can go into your past adventures and it, actually through tarot cards, tells you what the context was and what decision you want to make.”

The studio previously used an external app called Dragon Age Keep to export save files and import them into the following games, but that idea has been retired for now. This means that you won’t need to still have your savefiles from Inquisition to be able to bring back your character, and although it won’t be completely automated like before, it’s still good to hear that the feature is making a return in such a manner.

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