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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Daima: This is how Goku and Vegeta look in the hand of Toyotaro (‘Dragon Ball Super’)

The ‘Dragon Ball Super’ manga artist has shared a new image of his vision of Goku and Vegeta in their respective children’s versions.

Dragon Ball Daima

‘Dragon Ball Daima’, the new anime series based on the ‘Dragon Ball’ universe, is already warming up for its premiere in the fall of next year. Therefore, we are getting new information and official artwork, this time by Toyotaro, the illustrator of the manga ‘Dragon Ball Super’, with Akira Toriyama himself in writing and supervision. So much so that after a first drawing of Goku in his new child form, Toyotaro is back with a new illustration of ‘Dragon Ball Daima’, this time with Goku and Vegeta in the lead.

Goku and Vegeta in ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ by Toyotaro

And this is not just another illustration, so much so that we could qualify this new image of ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ as the most attractive and striking one released so far - from an official source, of course - as is the case with the illustrator of ‘Dragon Ball Super’, the spiritual heir of Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball Daima
Full screen

In it, we see both Goku and Vegeta in two very dynamic poses, ready for battle. And apart from the fact that they are the Saiyans we have known for decades, after transforming into their respective child versions, we will always wonder what “Dragon Ball” would have been like if they had grown up together. And this illustration can give us a slight idea.

Dragon Ball Daima’ will officially premiere in October 2024, so we can expect news like new information about the series and its storyline or even new trailers until then. Will it be part of the Jump Festa this December? Yes, at the end of January 2024, new information about the long-awaited anime was confirmed as part of the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event, which is dedicated to the video games of the franchise.