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Dragon Ball

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Offers First Look at Chapter 99 with Cell Max and Orange Piccolo

The manga adaptation of the ‘Super Hero’ arc reaches its climax with the showdown between Cell Max and Orange Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Super manga 99

The latest chapters of the manga ‘Dragon Ball Super’ are adapting the story arc of the movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ by introducing powerful characters such as Gohan Beast, Orange Piccolo or Cell Max, as well as giving Goten and Trunks a greater role in the fierce battle against the new version of Cell, thus improving the plot and expanding its development. Now we have the first glimpse of the 99th chapter of the manga, in which we will witness the climax of the battle between Orange Piccolo and Cell Max.

First glimpse of the 99th chapter of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ revealed

So if the previous chapter showed Orange Piccolo growing to an enormous size to face the colossal version of Cell Max, in the new pages of the manga we will witness the climax of this battle, where the protagonists give everything to defeat this new and fearsome incarnation of the mythical villain Cell. Although the manga adapts the story seen in the anime movie, many fans are eager to see if Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama will add something more to what was seen in the movie, as they have done throughout this arc.

Now, thanks to the X account known as DbsHype, we can enjoy the first sketches of the 99th chapter of the ‘Dragon Ball Super’ manga, giving us a first glimpse of the clash of the titans between Orange Piccolo and Cell Max. Toyotaro’s vignettes seem to show the brutal blows of both contenders in all their glory.

Even though these are just a few sketches of what will happen, the fight between these two characters looks to be a real winner. For now, we just have to wait a few days for the release of this issue of the manga, and we will let you know when it comes out here.