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EA Sports WRC aims to bring rally authenticity to video games

We were part of the presentation of the upcoming EA Sports Rally title from Codemasters, where the authenticity features were emphasized.


In the world of racing games, Codemasters has positioned itself as one of the studios that has worked the hardest on realism. And how could it be otherwise when it is a studio that stands out for its experience and content in racing titles that demand it. They are not only known for being in charge of the Formula 1 franchise but also for making rally games since the PlayStation 1 through several franchises.

On this occasion, and a few weeks before the release of EA Sports WRC, we had the opportunity to be part of an in-depth presentation about this game, where the studio showed the various previews it has for this new franchise under the license of the World Rally Championship. This time, we will see how Codemasters is trying to make it the most authentic game to reflect the real world of WRC.

Vehicle classes and dynamic handling systems

As for the vehicles that EA Sports WRC will bring, Codemasters will bring the 10 official vehicles of the competition in the WRC, WRC2 and Junior WRC categories, with a total of 50 crews competing. Added to this list are a total of 68 historic vehicles ranging from the ‘60s to the most recent World Rally Car vehicles, each with its own distinctive technologies, something that will appeal to car and rally fans.

In terms of handling, Codemasters has taken great care to deliver a dynamic model that feels authentic. This has been developed in conjunction with feedback from professional rally drivers, with several improvements over the studio’s previous titles. These include improvements to feedback, tarmac handling, gearbox inertia and more. This helps the cars feel more realistic depending on their technology and weight.

EA Sports WRC
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Locations, Stages and Weather

As for the locations that we will visit in EA Sports WRC, we were told that we will compete in 18 locations around the world, all based on the locations of the WRC calendar, faithfully representing the competition and its different stages.

These include countries and regions as diverse as Portugal, Sweden, Estonia, Kenya, Mexico, Chile, Japan, and Oceania. 17 of these locations will be available at launch, with one location based in Central Europe arriving later as a free update.

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Each of these locations will have a total of 35 km - the longest tracks created by the studio - which, in addition to those that are not snow-covered, can be played in any of the four seasons, something that goes beyond aesthetics and will offer new challenges and ways to play on the same track. Codemasters also commented that they are already working on 5 additional locations that go hand in hand with the official schedule.

EA Sports WRC will be available on November 3rd for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC in a standard version only.


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