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Famitsu readers vote for their favorite Resident Evil character and their scariest moment in the franchise

The Japanese public votes in a poll focused on the Resident Evil saga published by the famous magazine.

Famitsu readers vote for their favorite Resident Evil character and their scariest moment in the franchise

After a period where the saga had taken a dangerous turn and was at its lowest point in popularity, if not in sales, the latest Resident Evil installments have brought the franchise back to the place it deserves. Whether we are talking about remakes of the classics, such as the recent and fantastic Resident Evil 4, or the main installments -RE 7 and RE Village-, each release is a success for Capcom, and there is no doubt that Resident Evil is on a roll. With this in mind, the Japanese magazine Famitsu organized a retrospective survey in which the Japanese public voted for the best of the saga: characters, games, and moments. Let’s discover the Japanese taste.

The best (...and worst) of Resident Evil

As it could be, one of the main categories to vote for was the favorite character, where, as expected due to the moment, we find in first place Leon Kennedy, the protagonist of Resident Evil 4. The podium is completed by two of the main characters, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, in second and third place respectively. These are the top 10 characters of the saga according to Famitsu readers:

  1. Leon Kennedy
  2. Jill Valentine
  3. Chris Redfield
  4. Ada Wong
  5. Claire Redfield
  6. Albert Wesker
  7. Ethan Winters
  8. Rebecca Chambers
  9. Piers Nivans
  10. Hunk
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On the other hand, the most hated characters would be Albert Wesker, Nicholai and the Lickers, in that order. Moments were also voted on: the scariest, the most surprising... On the one hand, players have decided that the scariest moment in the history of the saga is the baby scene in the Beneviento house in Resident Evil Village... and we won’t be the ones to disagree. The second scariest moment is the first encounter with a zombie in the first game, and the third is Mia’s attack in Resident Evil 7, which was voted the scariest game in the series overall.

Meanwhile, the most surprising scene was the hallway jump scare in Resident Evil with the dogs. In second place is the encounter with the Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 Remake, and in third place is the reveal of Ethan’s identity in Resident Evil Village.

Source | Famitsu via Twitter