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Resident Evil 4 brings back one of its original prototype’s biggest scares

Remember Resident Evil 3.5? One of its best scares lives on in the new Resident Evil 4 through Ashley’s section of the castle you can play through.

Roberto Barragán
Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 is a legend of horror in video games, not only because of its quality levels, its sales, or the fact that it has appeared on a multitude of platforms. It is also due to its origins, a proposal that influenced the rest of the industry and that, although many do not remember, was presented to the world as an experience much more focused on horror than on action.

It was E3 of 2003 when the project that many know as Resident Evil 3.5 was shown in a video that showed us Leon S. Kennedy exploring a castle full of devilish dolls, ghostly apparitions, and the odd scare. It seems like Capcom has not forgotten about it, and in Resident Evil 4 Remake, specifically in Chapter 9. It’s the section where we play as Ashley, you can see the moment where a stuffed deer head scares us to death, exactly the same as in the prototype in question.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC through Steam.

Source | Reddit