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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth’s development is going well, still no set release date

Square Enix has finally broken their silence and revealed an update for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, stating that they’re still trying to settle on a release date.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth’s development is going well, still no set release date

“Progressing smoothly and according to plan”. This is how clear and concise Square Enix has been when it comes to reporting on the state of development of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, the second part of the remake of the seventh installment of the legendary role-playing franchise. The company assured fans that it is working on choosing the release date for the game, although they did not give a new estimate and we have to keep the one we already had.

We have known for some time that the release date of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth was scheduled for winter 2023, although that window is a bit tricky, given that it does not necessarily point to the current year. In fact, to go on sale in 2023 it should do so in the last week of the year, since winter begins on December 22 and runs until the end of March 2024.

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Meanwhile, it’s time for Final Fantasy XVI

Rebirth is the second part of the remake of Final Fantasy VII, but what is about to arrive in just a few days is not a mistery: Final Fantasy XVI is the new and long-awaited main installment of the saga. On June 22nd It will be available on PS5, since —for the moment— it is exclusive to the Sony console.

Returning to Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, as mentioned before there is no release date yet, so once again we have to hold on to that “winter 2023″ being as soon as possible. Said statement may imply a release date between December 22, 2023 and March 30, 2024.For the moment we can only sit at the sidelines and see what other news are revealed over the following months, but if we look at our only other precedent we have (Final Fantasy VII Remake), it might be tha the next couple of Final Fantasy titles will make their way to PC. Eventually, of course.