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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s in-game piano has players obsessed, with many virtuosos coming to light

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo is out now, but players only seem focused on one thing: mastering the in-game piano that lets you jam on your PS5.

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We’ve been waiting for years for the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with the promise of an open world to explore and the retelling of some of the most heartwrenching and life-altering moments in video-games in a grand new fashion. And yet, now that the official demo is out, it seems like we’re all obsessing over a piano.

Found in Tifa’s room while exploring Nibelheim in a flashback, the instrument in question i placed as a small mini-game challenge that tests you with playing Tifa’s Theme, one of the most popular songs in the entire FFVII soundtrack. However, nothing is stopping you from simply testing out the in-game piano with some freestyling, and as it turns out it is incredibly in-depth.

Diving into Twitter/X, many players have already discovered the musical instrument and with incredible speed have shown their talent and prowess with music, playing all sorts of themes and jingles. From other Square Enix titles, to John Lenon classics and much more.

Certainly, there is only one anthem that completely fits Cloud’s moody emo vibes.

Now all we need is to set up the piano next to The Last of Us Part 2′s free in-game guitar, and we’ve started a band. I wonder if the next God of War will have a drumset to play on?