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Fortnite removes ranked mode to fix a problem: when is ranked mode coming back?

Epic Games removes Fortnite ranked matches to fix a serious bug. We tell you what happened in this news.

fortnite capitulo 4 temporada 3 tierras salvajes

Epic Games has decided to temporarily remove ranked matches from Fortnite in order to fix a severe gameplay issue in this ranked mode. To find out what the problem is and when ranked matches will be back, read on below:

Update 06/21/2023 12:10 pm PT: Ranked modes have been re-enabled. Below is the news as we wrote it in its original context.

Epic Games temporarily pulls Fortnite ranked mode to fix a bug

Last Tuesday, June 20, Fortnite received patch 25.10, which brought new content to Epic Games’ game, such as the Nike Air Max Airphoria event. However, this content update also brought a serious bug that caused crashes and unexpected game shutdowns in Ranked Mode matches. As a result, Epic Games has decided to temporarily remove Fortnite’s Ranked mode while it fixes this serious bug:

Through a series of tweets on the Fortnite Status account, which is dedicated to keeping players updated on the status of Fortnite, Epic Games made this public. “We’ve temporarily disabled Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Zero Build while we investigate a crashing issue. We’ll provide an update when Ranked is available again. Thank you for your patience,” the first tweet read. In a second tweet, quoting the first, Epic Games confirmed that they are “continuing to investigate the crashes.”

In other words, we can do nothing at the moment to enable Ranked in Fortnite. It is entirely up to Epic Games; when they have solved the problems with this game mode, they will enable it again and we will be able to play Ranked games again. We have to wait for them to fix the issues before we can play Ranked in Fortnite again.

We remind you that in our Fortnite guide, we update you on the new season of the game, including all the elements that make up the Battle Pass of the season or all the new locations that arrive on the updated map.

Source | Twitter/FortniteStatus


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