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Fortnite will ban your account from now on if you do this

Players who have been using (or who stumble upon) this one glitch have started being banned by Epic Games, which could lead to permanent bans in the future.

Fortnite will ban your account from now on if you do this

Fortnite Chapter 4 recently entered its second season, and with it came new items, new weapons, new events and outfits, but also a dangerous game-breaking glitch. One that can result in a temporary ban straight from Epic Games, and which has the risk of becoming permanent.

A glitch that kills players instantly

As shared by FNBRintel on Twitter in a video you can find below, the glitch in question involves the Kinetic Blade, a new melee weapon that arrived with Chapter 4 Season 2 that by itself is incredibly powerful, with lots of damage and mobility for whoever manages to grab one. If a player with this weapon disconnects momentarily from the internet and used the dash ability of the sword, did enough damage to a player, and then reconnected, the target player would receive all of the accumulated damage instantly, killing them on the spot.

This of course could happen to some players by accident, but it was quickly found out to be exploited by players in tournament mode and ranked play, the new main modes of the game that are all about competition. For this reason, the developers of the game acted quickly and disabled the weapon completely in tournament playlists. Now anyone who’s found using the exploit in any other mode also gets almost immediately banned, with the time of the ban varying for users.

The glitch quickly began spreading, with victims simply falling dead on the spot in the game. As shown by YouTuber Tabor Hill, some people have been banned for an entire day, with a warning that it could lead to permanent bans. Thus, Epic Games’s measures seem to be harsh and quick, but it’s necessary now that the game is steering towards a more competitive way.

Full screen

We’ll have to wait and see what the studio does next, whether the Kinetic Blade is Vaulted entirely or if they manage to fix it with an upcoming patch. In the meantime, we hope you don’t become a victim of this new exploit, but at least rest safe knowing that the ones using it will receive justice swiftly.

Source | FNBRintel


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