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Star Wars

Grogu’s new name in Star Wars: The Mandalorian marks the beginning of a new era

The end of the third season is not the end of the series, as the adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu will continue in the future.

Star Wars The Mandalorian

Mandalore fell on the Night of a Thousand Tears, a fateful night when the Galactic Empire purged the planet and its people. The betrayal forced the Mandalorians to scatter “like stars across the galaxy,” but the members of the various clans have followed their motto: stronger together. This is the premise of The Mandalorian’s third season, which also paved the way for Grogu. This is the way.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the final episode of Season 3!

Din Grogu, apprentice and adopted son of the Mandalorian

Luke Skywalker trained Grogu in the ways of the Force, but gave him a choice: become a Jedi or return to Din Djarin to become a Mandalorian. The orphan chose the latter and accompanied Din Djarin on his new adventures in the galaxy far, far away. At the end of season 3, however, he was formally adopted by Mando. As the Mandalorian’s apprentice, the young man has taken on a new name, Din Grogu.

No explanation has been given as to why he is called Din Grogu and not Grogu Djarin, which seems more logical on paper. Perhaps Din is the last name, but we’ll have to wait for Jon Favreau or Dave Filoni to unravel the mystery.

Aside from his name, Grogu has come a long way since his training with Luke. No longer the helpless baby of the first two seasons, he now knows how to control his Force powers and uses them to help his father and his allies. From that moment on, they both begin a new journey in the service of the New Republic - as freelancers, of course. They will follow the trail of the Empire’s remnants, which threaten to restore the reign of terror of the past.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian has been renewed for a fourth season. The MandoVerse will continue this year with Ahsoka, which will premiere in August, and Skeleton Crew, due in 2023. Filoni’s movie, which will bring all these storylines together, does not yet have a confirmed release date.

Grogu’s new name in Star Wars: The Mandalorian marks the beginning of a new era
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