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GTA 5 player discovers hidden activity 11 years after launch

Rockstar Games’ open worlds are full of activities, and GTA V is a testament to how vibrant and ambitious these scenarios can be.

Captura de pantalla - Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

It’s no surprise that Rockstar Games’ open worlds are full of easter eggs, missions, and surprises. The studio has become a role model for its vibrant, mysterious worlds, and Grand Theft Auto V is no exception. Whether you’ve been playing it for a few years or you’ve bought it in one of its many editions, there’s always something in Los Santos and its surroundings, and for this gamer, it was a surprise to find something completely unknown.

Los Santos, a land full of activities to do

Via his X account (formerly Twitter), user jericho681 was surprised to find some weed farms after 10 years of playing the title. “i’ve played gta 5 for 10 years and had no idea there were weed farms you could raid,” the user wrote on his account.

As such, it is not a mission as such, but an activity that you can do at random. In fact, some users argue that it is a rather odd spot because “it’s the only one in the whole game and the weed is supposed to respawn like every week”. In fact, in the early days of GTA Online, this spot was known for the mission called “Pot Shots”, a mission where you could generate 20k GTA$, but it was later nerfed. For those looking for this place, it is located on the East Side Freeway, north of Grapeseed.

GTA 6 New Information Coming... Soon?

It’s been a little over a month since the alarm bells went off regarding the next installment in Rockstar’s successful franchise. Thanks to a bot on Twitter (@when_VI), which every day tracks the site through Rockstar Games site, found the first hints of content through images that point to be the cover, as well as screenshots of the game. However, there has been no further information related to this finding, which only leads to pages with no content inside.

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