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GTA VI’s first trailer is here: our first official look at Rockstar’s latest game

After an unexpected leak one day before the set date, Rockstar Games has chosen to upload the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI.


It’s been over 10 years since Grand Theft Auto V launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. An entire console generation has gone without a brand-new GTA. And sure, fans have been clamoring for something new, looking for possible clues, and year after year expecting that this would be the year we would learn about the next game in the series. But finally, after a history of unimaginable leaks, Rockstar Games celebrates 25 years as a studio launching the first look at Grand Theft Auto VI.

Welcome (back) to Vice City

It’s good to be back on the sunny beaches of Vice City! It’s been almost 21 years since we last visited Rockstar’s version of Miami (well, 17 if you count PSP’s Vice City Stories), and it certainly looks amazing, full of life and opportunity waiting for players around every corner.

After the trailer leaked on social media, Rockstar Games chose to respond by officially releasing the trailer for our return to Vice City. And we’re not talking about that 80′s inspired town we visited back in 2002 as Tommy Vercetti, but a modern parallel version of Miami and its Floridian surroundings that satirizes the modern world. Our main character so far is Lucia, an ex-convict freshly out of prison that is looking to survive in the hot and savage region of Vice City.

With a “Bonnie and Clyde” feeling, the trailer shows her and her partner running from the cops, counting big wads of money, and brandishing guns in a dirty and incredible looking new town. Grand Theft Auto VI is coming to still unannounced platforms at some point of 2025.

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