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Hogwarts Legacy was going to have morality and reputation systems

Winning and losing House Points for a morality and reputation mechanic was going to be a big part of Hogwarts Legacy, but the developers decided against it.

Hogwarts Legacy

Development of Hogwarts Legacy was extended throughout many years, so some of the planned features for it were left out, either because they did not fit or because they were not able to implement them. Dataminer GrandTheftDiamonds has discovered that the game included some sort of morality system, as well as a reputation system.

In the following video, the dataminer explains that morally reprehensible actions such as extortion, bullying, or bad behavior in classes would have had punitive consequences in the game. The truth is that Hogwarts has a point system, which are added or subtracted from each of the houses depending on the actions of its students. Avalanche’s idea was that these behaviors would have resulted in the loss of points.

Deduct points... for killing?

The use of the Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy is already weird. The fact that school students are able to master torture and murder spells doesn’t seem the safest for a school setting. Either way, the files suggest that Avalanche looked into making these curses cost a huge amount of House Points, though it’s hard to believe that a student killing another student wouldn’t end up in Azkaban instantly.

In this same line of thinking, the existence of a search and capture system within the game is suggested through “an authority figure”. Each crime would have had different investigators depending on the severity. In addition, a reputation system also appears that classifies the character into labels (Hate, Dislike, Indiferent, Familiar, Cordial, Friendly, and Companion), something that would have affected relationships with NPCs.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version has been delayed once again and won’t hit stores until November 14th.

Source | PC Gamer

Hogwarts Legacy was going to have morality and reputation systems
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