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How long is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Insomniac reveals how many hours of gameplay for the main story and 100%

Insomniac Games’ game will be bigger than the first installment, but it will take only a few hours to complete.

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If we look at the video game release calendar for 2023 and focus on the PS5, there is one name that stands out above all others: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the year. Peter Parker and Miles Morales arrive exclusively on Sony’s console on October 20, and Insomniac Games has shared new and exciting details about what awaits us in Manhattan.

In a statement shared by the site VG247, Ryan Smith of Insomniac Games has offered details about the game’s length, and if we can make something clear, it’s that like the first installment released in 2018, we are not facing one of those giants that you have to dedicate hundreds of hours to complete everything.

Length of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

While it is true that Insomniac Games did not give an exact number, Smith’s words say it all: “Spider-Man 2 is in the same ballpark as the first game in terms of total playtime. What does that mean? We can expect Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to be around 20-25 hours for the main story and around 35 to 40 hours to unlock 100%, roughly.

“The number of moves has been doubled since there are the character’s own moves, plus all those that can be performed either with the symbiote in the case of Parker, or with the integrated gadgets in the case of both. This is where the triggers will play a fundamental role, since the combination of them and the buttons will give us certain moves, without forgetting the special ones that we can activate by pressing other combinations,” we said in our impressions after testing it. “New York City is definitely the most impressive part of what we saw. Although we already saw a lot of progress in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, they have now taken it to a level that really makes the city an immersive experience.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming to PS5 on October 20th.