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Is your PS5 overheating? Tips and tricks to cool down and clean your console

The PlayStation 5 can run really hot when playing its most demanding titles, so here are some tips to help your console survive the coming summer heat.

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Summer is here, a time when some people have more free time than they know what to do with it. There are many hobbies that you can have, but we are in a place where we support technology. That is why when going outside is not an option because the heat is scorching, there is no better comfort than playing video games. The problem is that this heat can also affect your console and if you’d rather not know what happens when your (admittedly expensive) PS5 gets way too hot, we are going to give you some tricks to keep it as cool as possible.

Tips to cool down your PlayStation 5

There is no doubt that Sony has put an enviable console on the table in terms of power. The PS5 is now a reference for many players, but with the arrival of summer there is a topic that everyone fears: console cooling. It is true that it has a ventilation system that keeps the interior as cool as possible, but in very hot situations it is best to follow the following tips.

Improve airflow

This seems very easy to say, but what does it mean that the PS5 has good airflow or ventilation? What you have to know is that the machine’s fan expels all the hot air that is generated inside the box so that the components do not suffer from heat degradation and cause bigger problems.

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Therefore, place the console in a place where it can dissipate heat properly. If we look at what the console manual says, this is achieved by placing it at a distance of about 20 cm from the wall. Hence, the placement of the machine (vertical or lying down) is indifferent as long as you comply with this rule.

Play in a cool environment

Don’t even think about playing your PS5 with the window open in the hottest hours of the day. The reason is as simple as that you allow it to get hotter because of the environment outside. For this reason, you have two options: either you play when the temperatures are lower or you turn on a fan or air conditioning so that the only hot air in your room is the one that the console expels.

Stop playing for a while

We know that with so much free time, many do game marathons. We can’t blame them, we would too if it wasn’t for the fact that the PS5 gets hotter the longer it stays on. That is why we recommend that you take a break from time to time in order to give yourself and the components a rest after fighting that difficult boss in Elden Ring, for example.

Keep the console clean

This is very important. Lint and dirt can collect on the fan blades and inside the console causing heat to build up instead of dispersing. Therefore, if your console has been around for a while, the best thing you can do is remove the covers and check this yourself. If you don’t dare do so, any technical service will do this maintenance work for you and it will not be very expensive compared to what it may cost you to repair the console due to the heat.

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Buy a cooling stand

In the same way as laptops, there are cooling bases on the market that can help cool down your PS5. These will serve as a support base for the device and, in addition, will generate a continuous and fresh air flow with which the internal components have better ventilation.