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Star Wars

Less Star Wars in 2024? Disney slows down productions and release schedules for the franchise

The new seasons of ‘Andor’ and ‘The Bad Batch’ have moved up from Disney’s Star Wars release schedule for 2024, pointing at a slower pace for the franchise.

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The writers and actors’ strikes of this year have altered the release calendars of basically every major studio, whose products have been affected during different phases of their production. It is not clear if it is due to this or another reason, but a press release published by Disney+ has hinted that some of the ‘Star Wars’ series planned for 2024 may not actually release on that date.

According to the statement, Lucasfilm will only release two series of the franchise next year: ‘Skeleton Crew’ and ‘The Acolyte’. What will happen with the final season of ‘The Bad Batch’, the animated series set just after the fall of the Galactic Republic, and the second season of ‘Andor’, which will take the story back to the days before the Rebellion, remains up in the air.

As announced at Star Wars Celebration in London, both ‘The Bad Batch’ and ‘Andorwere set to debut in 2024 on the platform. In fact, in the case of the series starring Diego Luna, there was even a release window, summer 2024. Beyond the press release, Lucasfilm has not said a word about it, so we will have to wait and see if the omission results in a delay or not.

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‘Skeleton Crew’ had already been delayed

A shifting of titles on the release schedule had already occurred previously. ‘Skeleton Crew’, one of the spin-offs of ‘The Mandalorian’, should have arrived in 2023. However, the current date is uncertain, beyond the fact that it continues to be planned for 2024. In the case of ‘The Acolyte’, the first series set in the High Republic, it does not seem to have been affected by any unforeseen events.

On the other hand, filming of the fourth season of ‘The Mandalorian has been delayed. According to sources consulted by Bespin Bulletin, filming of the episodes will begin next year and the premiere will occur in 2025.