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Light No Fire is “the first real open world” game, by the creators of No Man’s Sky

Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games, took the stage during The Game Awards 2023 to announce their massively ambitious next title: Light No Fire.

Light No Fire

One of the most surprising announcements of The Game Awards gala was undoubtedly that of Light No Fire, as it means that, for the first time since 2016, Hello Games has been working on a new project, which could mean they will stop doing so with No Man’s Sky after countless updates. We are talking about a multiplayer action and survival RPG that Sean Murray has defined as “the first real open world”, but... what exactly does he mean by that?

Sean Murray doesn’t learn... and raises the hype with Light No Fire

“For No Man’s Sky, we generated a whole universe of kind of sparse alien looking planets, and that wasn’t easy, you know,” said Murray on stage. “It was hard, but there is something that’s much harder that we wanted to do for our new game. We wanted to create an Earth, you know, something as varied as a planet, something bigger than Earth.”

Light No Fire
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“Something with mountains,” he continued. " Real mountains, not video game mountains, but mountains that are miles high taller than Everest, that when you climb to the top of them and look out you can see rivers and canyons and continents.”

It didn’t take long for a multitude of Twitter/X users to pry for more information directly with Murray, but now the developer is being more cautious about overselling the hype of their next game, as No Man’s Sky certainly taught them a lesson. That game released in an incomplete form when compared to their promises, but fortunately, through hard continuous work, Hello Games has spent the last 7 years updating and expanding the title until it finally became (and surpassed) everything they wanted for that game.

Now, Hello Games’ work has resulted in one of the best and largest exploration games of today, which is more than enough to make fans excited for Light No Fire. Unfortunately there is sill no release window announced for it, although we do know that for now it’ll be developed strictly for PC only.