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Madden NFL 24: what is the Superstar mode, progression, mini-games, and all the new features

Fans of Madden NFL 24 just got a huge surprise today with the revelation that Superstar Mode, absent for many iterations of the game, is making a grand return.

Madden NFL 24: what is the Superstar mode, progression, mini-games, and all the new features

EA Sports has just confirmed the return of Superstar Mode for Madden 24, bringing with it the opportunity to players to take center stage and become the focal point of their own story. The developers shared at length the details about what we can expect when the game releases later in the year, and showcased the features coming to this returning mode

What is Superstar Mode in Madden 24

Superstar Mode is Madden 24′s official career mode. In it, player’s will be able to create their own player and enjoy their journey from the bottom of the league all the way to becoming MVP. this all starts at the NFL Combine, entering the league draft as a rookie player, and choosing whether to be a QB, RB, WR, LB or CB, with Coach Prime, Deion Sanders as your mentor.

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This NFL Combine is a modernized version of the mode created to get players started on their journeys, all while playing a variety of mini-games like the 40-yard dash, bench press, broad jump, and 3-cone shuttle.

Your performance in each combine drill will impact your draft stock, especially where you rank in each drill compared to your peers from the real-life 2023 NFL Combine. It will also determine what rewards you will earn that can be applied to improve your ratings prior to the draft.

After completing the combine, the next stop is the NFL Draft, where your draft position is based on your overall performance at the Combine, and the positional needs of each team (there’s also an override setting in the initial League set-up that will allow you choose any team you’d like if you want to skip the draft process). As a member of the 2023 Draft Class, you’ll be drafted by teams in the biggest need of your position based on team needs prior to the 2023 NFL Draft.

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This is all part of a player’s journey to become an NFL superstar, and will include features intended to let you “live the life” of a real player. There’ll be a social media feature that shows you feedback from fans to your performances, endorsements, and customization of your character.

As showcased in the deep dive above, you’ll also be able to improve your stats by making use of a grading system. The better you play the more XP you can get, but you can also complete challenges and objectives to get bigger rewards, as well as unlocking special abilities.

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Take your Superstar online in Madden 24

EA confirmed that for the first time ever, you’ll be able to pit your Superstar character with other players online in Superstar Showdaown, a new fast paced 3v3 football mode where you can continue to progress while playing with friends.

Show off your skills, gear, and personality as you take your place on the flashiest stage in virtual football. The Showdown Arena puts your Superstar in the spotlight with hi-tech features like emissive gear, glowing field-art and reactive jumbotron end-zone.


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