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Major Nelson says goodbye to Xbox: Larry Hryb leaves the company after 20 years

Larry Hryb, better known by Xbox fans as “Major Nelson”, is leaving the company after 20 years of being one of its most recognizable faces.

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Larry Hryb, director of programming at Xbox Live and one of the longest-mainstays of Xbox —and much more popular under his pseudonym Major Nelson— announces that he is leaving the company in a statement.

Major Nelson leaves Xbox: goodbye to Larry Hryb

Friday, July 14, 2023, Larry Hryb posted a small thread of tweets on his @majornelson Twitter account. In these posts he announced his withdrawal from Xbox. “After 20 incredible years, I have decided to take a step back and work on the next chapter of my career. As I take a moment and think about all we have done together, I want to thank the millions of gamers around the world who have included me as part of their lives.” “Also, thanks to Xbox team members for trusting me to have a direct dialogue with our customers. The future is bright for Xbox and as a gamer, I am excited to see the evolution. Thank and I’ll see you online “, he continued.

Thus, Larry Hryb has ended his twenty-year relationship with Xbox. Hryb also took advantage of the farewell to announce that the Official Xbox Podcast, in which he participated, will take a break this summer and will return soon under a new format.

Who is Larry Hryb/Major Nelson?

Lawrence Hryb, better known as Major Nelson (the name he uses as his Xbox Gamertag) has been the programming director for the Xbox Live network for many years. Curiously, he became quite a bit more popular as one of the most visible faces of Xbox, especially during the Xbox 360 era due to his podcast, Major Nelson Radio, and his overall presence on social media.

His podcast, whose main theme is Xbox (consoles, games, peripherals, and all things related) also included other topics such as competing machines (PlayStation 4 and Wii U). It also had interview sections and Xbox Live news.

Source | Twitter/MajorNelson


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