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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Even the rats have an incredible level of detail, except for the pigeons

A player compares the modeling of two very common animals in Insomniac Games’ New York, and the result between the two is surprising.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continues to offer its players curiosities and surprises, such as the possibility of riding -only- a bicycle freely around New York. Although now we want to look at the incredible detail of some of its smaller elements, as is the case of the rats -with a surprising level of detail modeling-, which conflicts with the level of detail of an animal with even more presence: the pigeons. This is what the media GamesRadar reports after echoing the publication of a user in X through the game’s photo mode, to which another user responds with a funny image of a pigeon from the game itself.

(Almost) total photorealism in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

“‘We just need a rat model. It’ll be ground level and far from the camera. Players probably wont even look at it. It can honestly be like 6 polygons.’ Spider-Man 2 artist with something to prove,” wrote the gamer, who shared an image of a rat from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with an unexpected level of detail considering how small it is.

Although apparently, not all the animals in Insomniac Games’ game have the same level of detail, as another user has responded with an image of a pigeon with much more discreet modeling, something curious if we consider that its presence is much greater than that of the almost photorealistic rats.

A strange situation that reminds us of other funny models, such as the people on distant ships in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man or the pigeons themselves in The Witcher 3. Technical choices that are usually related to saving resources in open worlds like the one we are dealing with, but that are still as curious as they are funny.

In addition to some detailed animals (and not accurate flags), Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features a large number of well-detailed Easter eggs. Don’t miss all the costumes you can unlock, including one inspired by a fan favorite X-Men.