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Meet Project Q, PlayStation’s new portable streaming console

PlayStation has just unveiled Project Q, a new portable device made by Sony that’s capable of streaming PS5 games through wi-fi, just like the PS Vita did for PS4.

PlayStation Project Q

The PlayStation Showcase was not satisfied with being a tsunami of games, games, and more games. Sony has also used the event to present hardware. Specifically, we’re talking about Project Q, a new portable device focused on playing PS5 games via streaming. Something like what PS Vita Remote Play did with PS4 and like what all kinds of peripherals have been offering on the market, such as the recent Logitech G Cloud.

Jim Ryan, the current CEO of PlayStation, has guaranteed that Project Q will arrive at the end of the year and that they will reveal all the technical specifications of the device “soon”.

PlayStation Project Q: price, screen, release date...

While waiting for Sony to share the official details, and since the rumors that spoke of its existence have been correct so far, it may be worth reviewing the specifications that they gave about the device. PlayStation Q Lite will have an 8-inch LCD touch screen and will be capable of streaming the entire PS5 catalog to be played at 1080p and 60 fps.

The device will demand to be constantly connected to the internet, and, according to the leaks, it should arrive around November 2023 and I would fall between 100 and 200 dollars. Having seen the first images, it should also be mentioned that the controls will retain all the benefits of the PS5 Dualsense and they should maintain their vibration and triggers, their ergonomics, and haptic functions.

The announcement of PlayStation Project Q (by Cube) was accompanied by a new headset for PlayStation 5, a pair of wireless earbuds that will be added to the Pulse 3D family of headsets that Sony already had. On the features and price, more of the same, Jim Ryan urges us to be attentive to more news “soon”.

PlayStation Showcase
Full screen

Something that (luckily?) was entirely absent in this Showcase were the rumored Pro and Slim versions of the PS5.But we’ll have to wait and see.


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