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Meet Threads, Meta and Instagram’s answer to Twitter, launching this week

Threads, an Instagram app centered around microblogging, is releasing this very week to rival Twitter in one of the blue bird’s most vulnerable moments.


We are already more than used to seeing how different companies in the software world copy each other. The funny thing is that not only do they acquire features from other rivals that make them more complete, but sometimes companies launch applications that are basically the exact same. Such is the case of Meta, which could very soon launch its new application called Threads that would arrive to directly oppose Twitter.

The new Meta app could be ready on July 6

There are many lovers of social networks who love to keep an eye on their profiles every day and post content as well as see what is happening in their circles. They’re made to be used from time to time, but the truth is that many use them constantly even if they are not professionals. But what those power users have to know is that soon they will have a new application to install on their phones.

We’ve been talking about Threads for months , the latest project that comes from the house of Mark Zuckerberg, which as it turns out is a new app by Instagram. The Menlo Park firm is working to take advantage of the ups and downs of the little bird app with all the new measures it has been taking since Elon Musk took control of the company.

But let’s get to what’s really important: the app itself is a reality that today has its own profile on Instagram although it does not have any publication yet. They haven’t revealed anything at all, although the App Store might have spilled the beans. In fact, some users have had the possibility of doing a search and an invitation has appeared confirming what it says in the Apple App Store, which is it’s release date, July 6, 2023.

Will it be available to all users?

This is the big question, without a doubt.For now the application is only available for discovery in certain territories, including the United States. Entering from countries like Spain or Mexico will not take you anywhere. The site recognizes the name of the app, so it will be an app that is restricted, at least for now.

The rest of the world will have to wait, but in the meantime, you should know that the project It already appeared a few years ago with totally different functions and that it comes at a time when the rivalry with Twitter will become much greater when Jack Dorsey decides to launch Bluesky, his response to Elon Musk creating a new short message app like Twitter was at the time.