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Metroid Prime 4 makes a surprise reappearance on the UK Nintendo Store

The upcoming Samus Aran installment was announced in 2017, though it has gone through studio changes and many delays along the way.

Título Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Prime 4 has been one of Nintendo’s most anticipated games since 2017 when the Japanese company announced its development during a Nintendo Direct at E3. However, thanks to a Reddit post, we have learned that the website of the Nintendo UK store has surprisingly published a special page for Metroid Prime 4, where we can point our mail if we want to receive updates on the development and pre-sale of the game, which could portend new news about the development of the title.

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Hardly any news since 2019

Metroid Prime 4 originally began development at Bandai Namco Studios in 2017, but Nintendo didn’t seem convinced by the pace of the game’s development, so development went back to square one in 2019, but this time with the original Metroid Prime developers, Retro Studios, in Austin, Texas.

We will have to continue to wait, because although the appearance of this page of the British store of the Big N seems to bring us good news, there is still no official confirmation from the company, nor has a Nintendo Direct been announced to give us fresh news about the title. However, Nintendo has gotten us used to the secrecy around its Directs, so the announcement could be given just a few days in advance.

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Source | Reddit