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New Fable to be one of Microsoft’s highlights at Xbox Games Showcase in June

The company drops several hints on social media about the presence of Playground Games’ new Fable game at its June conference.


Through a tweet reminding us that the Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct (of which here we reviewed the date and time of the event) is getting closer, Microsoft has hinted at the presence of one of the most anticipated games of the brand. We refer to the new Fable developed by Playground Games (responsible for Forza Horizon), which, although already announced, has not been seen since the summer of 2020.

In his tweet, one of the melodies of the Fable saga can be heard in the background and the person who recorded everything follows a glittering path identical to the one that led us to the missions in the games of the franchise. It would be strange if, after both clues, Fable did not say present in the Xbox Showcase.

Waiting for Fable for three years

Before announcing this new installment, it must be said that the last few years have not been kind to the Fable franchise. From the multiplayer tests that led to the cancellation of Fable Legends to the exaggerated exploitation of the brand through mediocre works (Heroes, The Journey, Fortune and even Anniversary, none of them with more than 70 on Metacritic). Once upon a time, however, it was a franchise to brag about. It wasn’t Halo, Gears and Forza, it was Halo, Gears and Fable. That’s the level of importance we’re talking about. That’s why when Microsoft announced a proper reboot from one of the fittest teams in the current Xbox family (as we said, Playground Games, the acclaimed creators of Forza Horizon).

Unfortunately, three years after its presentation, we still have nothing more than that first trailer, that cinematic in which the colorful and characteristic humor of Albion could be appreciated. Fingers crossed that this will change and that Fable will be one of the aces up Microsoft’s sleeve for the next Xbox Showcase. It would help prove that Phil Spencer’s new way of running Phil Spencer Studios is working. Because Playground has flourished under his tenure, and seeing them successfully make the jump from driving to RPGs would inspire the confidence that’s been waning these days after the Redfall setbacks and the Activision Blizzard buyout blockade. We’ll see.