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One Piece live-action could cover all of these arcs from the manga in Season 2

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece turned out to be a huge success, and now that they’ve confirmed a second season fans are wondering just what comes next.

One Piece live-action could cover all of these arcs from the manga in Season 2

One Piece has been a tremendous success for Netflix, and that is why a second season has already been announced for what for many is the best live-action based on a manga/anime in history. The reception of the series has exceeded any expectations, and while nothing is still known about the new season, we will have to wait a while as noted Eiichiro Oda, author of the manga, in preparation for the scripts. Confidence is at a maximum for a production that, despite taking several licenses regarding the source material, has the supervision of an Oda who is clear about what in one way or another should appear in this live-action and thus give the highest possible quality to a series that seemed an impossible task with live actors.

The possible roadmap for One Piece on Netflix in season 2

After everything that happened in the first season, here’s a possible roadmap of what season 2 could cover with respect to the original work. Once again, the series would have eight chapters, starting with Loguetown and making us live some of the most incredible moments of One Piece, and then taking us to the Grand Line through Reverse Mountain and the Twin Capes. Two episodes in which we would also go to Whiskey Peak, although if we want to eliminate any part of the manga/anime, this has the possibility of being it since an important character already appears previously in the aforementioned Twin Capes. After that, Little Garden, an unforgettable place like Drum Island, which would occupy two chapters of the series and would introduce us to someone very special. Finally, Alabasta, three episodes are how long this arc of a second season would take us, which has everything to be a success equal to or greater than the first.

  • Loguetown - Chapter 1
  • Reverse Mountain and Whisky Peak - Chapter 2
  • Little Garden - Chapter 3
  • Drum Island - Chapters 4 and 5
  • Alabasta -Chapters 6, 7 and 8