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One Piece manga announces another one-month hiatus to allow Eiichiro Oda to undergo surgery

The mangaka will take four weeks off for an eye operation. It will be the third-longest break in the history of manga.

One Piece

One Piece is a rara avis in the world of manga. Eiichiro Oda has gotten us used to it, and his fans have never had to put up with the interruptions and hiatuses of many other series. In fact, when the mangaka took a month off last summer to “prepare for the final arc,” it was the longest break in his 25-year history. A journey through the desert that will be repeated in 2023.

Through a statement on his social media, Oda has announced that he will be taking a four-week break from One Piece to undergo eye surgery. “I have a terrible astigmatism and it affects my work”. Chapter 1086 of the manga will be the last until July 17th.

A turning point for One Piece

It’s a real shame that the hiatus comes at this time, as One Piece seems to be on a hot streak and has been giving us one of the best arcs in its history for a few months now. To give you an idea, we have forgotten when Luffy last appeared in the manga. Oda has been jumping from one big event to the next, and we haven’t even minded losing track of the Straw Hats. The fight between Shanks and Kid, Blackbeard vs. Law, Aokiji vs. Garp...

We leave you with a summary of the highlights of the last chapters of the series, so that you can understand how long this month will be without our dose of One Piece.