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Pikmin fans have bought publicity spaces in Times Square to fill the street with memes

The Pikmin Reddit community pooled their money to fill the Times Square screens with memes and jokes about the game, ahead of the release of Pikmin 4.

Pikmin publicidad fans Times Square Nueva York

Gamers will never cease to be surprising. The latest occurrence of this is a video game community flooding Times Square with ads and portraits from the Pikmin series. Several users of the official subreddit for the game have raised money to have 15 seconds of glory in one of the most popular places in New York.

Pikmin, protagonist in Times Square thanks to the fans

As user Plum explains in a ResetEra thread, r/pikmin is a place full of fans devoted to the Nintendo franchise. Getting 15 seconds of ad in Times Square costs around 40 dollars. The amount among all users has risen to at least $300, given the amount of advertising that has appeared in the days prior to the launch of the fourth installment.

“Wake up and Google search: Pikmin to learn the truth,” one reads. In another, however, Olimar’s face appears, wondering if it is already July 21, the release date of the upcoming Pikmin 4. Others are simply dedicated to putting memes of the game. The surprise of those present in Times Square is worth mentioning.

Pikmin 4, “a new beginning for Nintendo’s strategy”

There is no doubt that this is the summer of Pikmin. After dropping its first two installments by surprise on Nintendo Switch, on July 21 fans will be able to explore the tiny world of Pikmin 4. In our review, we were more than satisfied: we gave it a 9 out of 10. In it, we said that the title “works more like a new beginning than a culmination”.

“The zoom of the camera, the new control, and the revamped progression system, with a more gradual acquisition of improvements for the onions, our astronaut, and their canine companion, make it a different kind of adventure. A more peaceful and accessible one, which prioritizes shaking things up and making its way to new players “, we said.

Source | ResetEra