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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan responds to Showcase criticism

The head of PlayStation emphasizes the popularity and power of PS5: “Our fans expect and deserve a steady cadence of amazing content.”

PlayStation Showcase

After the recent PlayStation Showcase, more than a few users took to social media to express their disappointment at an event that they felt lacked surprises, announcements and promises, despite some bombshells that we could see between the trailers. Now, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan wanted to address those users who perhaps expected more, assuring that his company is fully committed to them to ensure “a steady cadence of amazing content”, in addition to offering “the best and most varied catalog of games possible today”. This was reported by Push Square, sharing the latest statements from the head of Sony’s video game division.

The Future of PlayStation by Jim Ryan

And many were expecting much more from the latest PlayStation Showcase, which PlayStation released last Wednesday, especially after so long without such an event beyond the State of Play, which is generally not as ambitious in terms of announcements and surprises. Jim Ryan had this to say about his company’s efforts:

“Our fans expect and deserve a steady cadence of amazing content. Today’s presentation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to offering them the best and most varied catalog of games possible. It also highlights the tremendous popularity and power of the PS5 as the global development community rallies to push its advanced capabilities to the limit,” said the PlayStation CEO.

PlayStation Showcase
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“We’re investing heavily in the future with innovative best-in-class hardware like PlayStation VR2 and the newly revealed Project Q, and our expansion into PC, Mobile, and Live Service gaming is transforming how and where our content can be enjoyed,” continued Jim Ryan.

But, what do you think about the PlayStation Showcase? Tell us in the comments! Don’t miss the news from this PlayStation-related event, where we saw major announcements such as the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, first gameplay from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and upcoming PS VR2 news.

Source | Push Square


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