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PS Plus Essential games announced for PS5 and PS4 in December 2023

Lego 2K Drive is one of the featured games in the new PlayStation Plus Essential selection.

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Sony has just announced the new PS Plus games for December 2023. Three games that you will be able to download and play on both PS5 and PS4 if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. As usual, the official PlayStation Blog has been chosen as the place to share all the news. You will be able to download them starting on Tuesday, December 5th. Below we take a look at the selected games and a brief description so you get to know them.

PS Plus games for December 2023

  • Lego 2K Drive (PS5 and PS4) - This is a game similar to Forza Horizon where we get into a Lego car and drive around an open world made of Lego! Lego! to compete in all kinds of tests and races, as well as explore the open environment in search of secrets and collectibles.
  • Powerwash Simulator (PS5 and PS4) - A title that arrived and quickly conquered millions of players with its exotic proposal: a power washing simulator. Cars, warehouses, gardens, houses.... Everything is dirty and someone has to clean it. Just don’t go to the car wash on the same day you want to play, because you know:  The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot
  • Sable (PS5) - Sable is a particularly beautiful indie game that immerses us in a vast desert region full of secrets. An offer with freedom of action, search for secrets, puzzle solving and a powerful narrative.

When will the December PS Plus Extra and Premium games be announced?

In addition to the PS Plus Essential games, the December PS Plus Extra and Premium games have yet to be announced. Up to 20 titles were added to the catalog last month, including some PlayStation console classics. As usual, the next wave is expected to be announced around December 10th. Just a few more days to wait.