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PS Plus Extra and Premium games of June 2024 include Monster Hunter, Far Cry, and more

It’s been a heavy month for game announcements, but that doesn’t stop subscriptions like PS Plus from updating their libraries. Here’s what’s coming to the service’s Extra and Premium tiers.

Monster Hunter Rise importancia Japón PlayStation

June 2024 has been a very busy month, what with almost every single member of the video game industry releasing teasers, updates, first looks and hints at what’s to come. Truly, it’s a great month to be a gamer, and we’re not out of good stuff yet: PlayStation Plus has just unveiled what’s new on the Extra and Premium tiers of the service for this month.

From family games through various LEGO titles to classic portable masterpieces like Daxter, and all the way to some amazing AAA releases from previous years like Far Cry 4. This month’s arrivals to the PS Plus catalogs are sure to give players hundreds of hours of fun. Especially when it comes to what could possibly be the highlight of this announcement: Monster Hunter Rise. Even without its recent expansion, Capcom’s latest entry into the Monster Hunter franchise offers extreme amounts of content to discover, alone or with friends.

PS Plus Extra games of June 2024

  • Monster Hunter Rise | PS4, PS5
  • Football Manager 2024 | PS5
  • Crusader Kings III | PS5
  • Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 6 | PS4, PS5
  • After Us | PS5
  • Anno 1800 | PS5
  • Police Simulator: Patrol Officers | PS4, PS5
  • Far Cry 4 | PS4
  • LEGO The Hobbit | PS4
  • LEGO The Incredibles | PS4

PS Plus Premium games of June 2024

  • Kayak VR: Mirage | PS VR2
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy | PS4, PS5
  • Ghosthunter | PS4, PS5
  • Daxter | PS4, PS5

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