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Red Dead Redemption makes the leap to 60fps, but only on PS5 for now

A Red Dead Redemption patch on the PlayStation 5 version allows the game to be enjoyed at 60 fps.

Red Dead Redemption parche PS5 60 fps disponible

Red Dead Redemption surprises PS5 players with the improvement included in the latest update. Rockstar has added a framerate selector that lets you choose between 30 and 60 fps. This is the first time the title officially runs at twice its performance target, something that was requested as part of this re-release.

Patch 1.03 fixes a number of stability issues and bugs, and allows the game to run at 60fps for the first time. At the time of writing, the Xbox Series X|S version is still limited to 30 fps via backwards compatibility. With its launch on PS5, logic tells us that Rockstar will do the same through the FPS Boost feature, although for the moment no official communication has transcended in this regard. Social media users such as ResetEra have already posted the performance change on YouTube.

The return of Red Dead Redemption, one of the big names of 2023

Although the Xbox ecosystem has enjoyed the game thanks to backward compatibility, it was not until this 2023 that John Martson made the leap to other current systems. On PlayStation, it was freed from the chains of the original PS3 copy to reach both PS5 and PS4. On the other hand, Nintendo added a convincing port on Switch.

In fact, our colleagues in Spain shared their impressions of the game’s debut on Nintendo Switch, mentioning that it was “an excellent opportunity to discover (or revisit) one of Rockstar’s great classics.” According to their experience with the OLED model, the visit was “fantastic.” “It goes beyond the fact that it looks fantastic on the screen: it’s that they really took care of its transfer, even though they didn’t take advantage of features like the gyroscope.”