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Roblox gambling sites are allowing minors to spend millions of dollars, according to a new report

A report has revealed that several sites have allowed for gambling real money through the use of Roblox currency, targeting minors and using them for publicity.

Roblox gambling sites are allowing minors to spend millions of dollars, according to a new report

A new Roblox controversy has just been unveiled, this time involving a pretty serious affair: several gambling sites allow for minors (and any user with a Roblox account) to spend their Robux in illegal gambling servicers.

As reported by journalist Cody Luongo of Sharpr, they’ve deiscovered that there are “a handful of black market casino sites aggressively targeting the franchise’s youthful audience and facilitating illegal gambling services.” Sites like BloxFlip, RBXFlip, RBXLWild, RBXGold and many more allow users to log in using their Roblox accounts, which in turn lets them deposit in-game items or currency (known as Robux) to gamble them in casino style games.

While that in itself is already an illegal operation, being organizations that participate and facilitate in illegal gambling online, one of the biggest issues with these sites is that they are targeting Roblox’s extremely young audience, and besides not making any attempts of verifying the age of their users constantly reach out to young content creators to have them advertise their services.

The report showcased examples of certain Roblox influencers who have been contacted by BloxFlip to become sponsors, offering fixed rates for views and giving them affiliates codes so they can get a part of the gambles made by their own followers.

The tweet above corresponds to DarkkHayden, a young influencer with over 300,000 YouTube subscribers whose content is entirely centered around Roblox. In it, they shared an email they received detailing their offers to become sponsored, even though they’re only 14 years old.

After the release of this report, a Roblox Corporation spokesperson contacted Sharpr with the following message: “Bad actors make illegal use of Roblox’s intellectual property and branding to operate such sites in violation of our standards. Roblox has teams and processes in place to investigate these websites to protect our brand and platform, including, where possible, having the websites removed. In some cases, we engage with law enforcement as part of our efforts. Ensuring a safe and compliant online experience for users of Roblox is a core tenant of the company. Roblox will continue to be vigilant in combating entities who engage in practices that are in violation of our policies or endanger the safety of our community.”

As of this moment, no details about what will be done to combat these third-party sites have been revealed.