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Roblox is making its way to PlayStation consoles in October

One of the biggest and most popular titles around the world will finally be made available on PlayStation 4 and 5.

Roblox is making its way to PlayStation consoles in October

Roblox is one of the most popular video games in the world, an online title that has an immense community of players and that will finally reach PlayStation consoles this October. It will be available on PS4 and PS5, a moment long awaited by fans of the game, who will now also be able to enjoy the almost infinite options that the title presents on Sony consoles.

Roblox came to PC in 2006, and it was not until 2012 that it appeared on iOS devices, and in 2014 on Android. Its launch on consoles would not come until 2014, when it was released on Xbox One and later became playable on Xbox Series X|S. Since then, eight long years have passed and it was still not available on Sony or Nintendo systems, until now. During the Roblox Developer Conference which was held in the city of San Francisco, the company highlighted that “finally, we announce that next month, more than 150 million PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 console owners will be able to access the complete catalog of Roblox experiences.”

Roblox, a massive game coming to PlayStation consoles

The arrival of Roblox on PlayStation consoles means an important boost to a community that numbers hundreds of millions of players. A title in which practically everything is possible, and it is that fact that has eventually placed it in unpleasant controversies, but good use of the game means an enormous boost to the imagination of its players thanks to all the possibilities and experiences it proposes. In addition to its arrival to the Sony ecosystem, Roblox will receive an update for its Xbox version that will improve the experience of its users and will try to add new features much more frequently to the game on the platform.


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