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Silent Hill Ascension’s new trailer reveals an interactive series played by millions of players at the same time

Silent Hill Ascension, a new interactive series of Konami’s horror franchise, is arriving in 2023 and plays like Until Dawn, but with millions of players at a time.

Silent Hill Ascension’s new trailer reveals an interactive series played by millions of players at the same time

A new trailer for Silent Hill Ascension, the new series based on the popular Konami video game saga, is finally here. But it’s certainly not what most fans expected: it’s actually a show, and not a video game. What we have in our hands is a transmedia product halfway between both categories. How so? Well, it’s a series... but interactive, in which viewers will choose the course of events.

Planned for launch at the end of 2023, its creators, the developers at Genvid Interactive, tell us that it will be a series in which millions of people will interact in real time with the story and help the characters survive and change their fates. Sort of like Until Dawn or The Dark Pictures games, but on a global scale. “SILENT HILL: Ascension follows multiple main characters from locations around the world tormented by new and terrifying SILENT HILL monsters. Lurking in the shadows, these monsters threaten to consume people, their children, and entire towns as they’re drawn into the darkness by both recent murders and long suppressed guilt and fears.”

Silent Hill Ascension
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A press release promises that we will have “An extensive ensemble of intricately developed, new characters, monsters and locations in the SILENT HILL universe” with which “intergenerational trauma” will be explored. Each timea broadcast goes live there will be unique and unrepeatable moments that will change depending on what the audience chooses. “SILENT HILL: Ascension will captivate audiences with its immersive experience, spotlighting stunning visuals and live community-driven moments, all while exploring the psychological horror that has made the SILENT HILL series so beloved by fans worldwide.”

Silent Hill 2 Remake
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This is undoubtedly one of the strangest experiments we’ve heard of yet, but we really want to try it. Thankfully, this is not the only way in which Konami is reviving Silent Hill. Let’s remember that there are three new games on the way: The highly anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2, a delivery with the rabidly indie spirit of Annapurna Interactive (Silent Hill Townfall) and perhaps most surprising, Silent Hill f, set in the Japan of the 60s. After years of drought... what a joy.


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