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Sonic Frontiers celebrates the hedgehog’s birthday with a wave of free content

June 23 marks the Blue Blur’s birthday, and to celebrate Sega is dropping a ton of new content for Sonic Frontiers completely free.

Sonic Frontiers actualización gratis cumpleaños erizo azul

You may not know it, but June 23 is Sonic’s birthday. SEGA celebrates the great day of the character with a whole set of new content for the latest game in which he stars,Sonic Frontiers. We can expect a multitude of elements that will expand the experience, including New Game+ functionality. You can see the trailer in the header of this news.

SEGA notes that in addition to the above, this update includes”new challenges, moves and Koco collectibles”. In the trailer we can see enemies and level sections that provide greater diversity compared to what was seen in the base game. All this without paying a single cent.

Sonic “deserved a game like this”

With those words we started our review of Sonic Frontiers, where we gave it a rating of 8 out of 10. The hedgehog launched into the open world with a delivery that reinvigorated the open-world formula. “Sonic Frontiers is the best installment of the saga in three dimensions —alongside Sonic Colors— ever since the classic Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast”, we said.

About the game, we found “A strange, captivating adventure full of mysteries, very well designed and with a lot of things to do.” And we continued: “In addition to being pretty, this time it’s good too. It doesn’t revolutionize the open world, but it integrates its essence in a very well-measured way and manages to dodge the usual problems of the genre at full speed “.

Not everything was positive, however. The camera, for example, “plays tricks and makes the fights against final bosses stressful.” The technical section was not up to par either: “Lights and shadows”, we pointed out. Finally, the combat system suffered from a shallow enemy diversity. You can read the review through this link.

Remember that Sonic Frontiers is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Source | SEGA