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Spotify Wrapped 2023 now available: how to know your most listened to artist and year in review

All Spotify users have access to Spotify Wrapped, the soundtrack of every user on the platform, so you can keep track of everything you’ve listened to and enjoyed over the course of the year.

Spotfy 2023 Wrapped

Spotify users are preparing their big moment of the year, knowing their top 5 artists, their favorite songs, the minutes they listened to music, their favorite podcasts, etc. This summary, already customary in this app, is available to all its users to know their statistics of the year in the already known Spotify Wrapped 2023.

Through a colorful presentation in the form of stories (just like last year), the user’s behavior is determined by the algorithm and the data stored by the app, where there are details such as the number of minutes listened to, the addition of songs and podcasts, or the month of the year when x artist was listened to the most.

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View Spotify Wrapped 2023

To know the Spotify statistics for 2023, when you enter the App via mobile, at the top of the menu, an icon called “Your 2023 Wrapped” will appear, and then you will enter a menu called “2023 Wrapped,” which you must enter to know all the data for the current year.

In addition to everything mentioned above, there is an item that not all users see, which says “There is someone online,” when your favorite artist sends you a video. Why doesn’t it depend on the user? If the artist is deceased, it only mentions that he/she was your most listened-to artist. And finally, the App defines users according to the type of use they give to the platform.

For users who are on a computer, they have to go to the official Spotify page to log in and compare the data to analyze what was the most listened to during 2023.

And in the case of global, Spotify used its YouTube account to point out that Taylor Swift was the most listened-to artist on the platform in 2023, with more than 26 billion streams or plays worldwide.

Who will be your most listened-to artist of 2023? It’s time to log on to the app and tell the world.