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Street Fighter 6 is the most played fighting game in the history of PC

Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 has skyrocketed to the top of Steam’s lists, becoming the most played fighting game in the history of the platform over its competitors.

Street Fighter 6 is the most played fighting game in the history of PC

There are more than 45,000 people playing Street Fighter 6 Steam right now, as of this writing. That’s already more users than what was the most played fighting title on the platform until now: Dragon Ball FighterZ. That’s right: the new installment of the legendary Capcom franchise is the most played in history, although their achievements do not stop there.

70,573 active players yesterday, the game’s launch day, is its highest number yet, and that number is still growing. A figure that allows it to distance itself from the rest of the most played classification, followed by the aforementioned Dragon Ball FighterZ with approximately 44,000 and another heavyweight, Mortal Kombat 11 with a record of 35,147. These numbers make one thing clear: there was a great desire to see the return of what was, and once again is, the king of fighting in video games.

Street Fighter 6: the king of fighting is back

An excerpt from MeriStation Spain’s review is enough to give you an idea of why Street Fighter 6 is succeeding: “The new combat system is clearly superior to that of its predecessor, providing the player with defensive and offensive tools from the outset and allowing for the creation of varied confrontations, also thanks to the differences in styles that exist in a solid roster of fighters. With a perfect online thanks to rollback, several game modes, and a long World Tour with elements of interest (although also several inconsistencies), Capcom makes it clear that it has learned from its mistakes, which is still sweet and when it comes to creating a fighting video game, they are the benchmark to follow “.

Source |Street Fighter 6 on Steam; via Benji-Sales


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