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The Day Before is a complete mess at launch, to the surprise of almost no one

Steam users have shared their first experiences with The Day Before, the legendary and controversial zombie survival MMO that just launched after years of delays.

The Day Before

From being the most wishlisted game on Steam to being practically unplayable. Such is the story of The Day Before, one of the most controversial titles of the last few months whose development has gone through a whole carnival of issues, which could not ended up other than this: right now it has more than 10,000 reviews on the Valve platform, of which the majority are “overwhelmingly negative.”

The Day Before is the disaster that was predicted

The first of the problems (but not the biggest) that players attribute to The Day Before is that it is not what was promised. That is to say, it is not a survival MMO, as it was initially defined, but rather an “extraction shooter like Escape from Tarkov,” says one of the critics. As we said, the worst thing is that with a price of $40, and even being in Early Access, that is, assuming that what we are buying is not finished, The Day Before is very far from being in a minimally presentable state.

On the other hand, the game is riddled with bugs, as can be seen in these clips from various streamers that this Twitter/X user has compiled.

In general, the reviews that can be read are really harsh. “Poorly optimized, very expensive and less mechanically complex than H1Z1. For this price it is better to get DayZ” says one player. “I’d rather eat garbage than play this again, complete refund,” says another, much more explicit. An Argentine player is also quite expressive: “It’s like living in Argentina: every time you feel like you’re progressing, someone comes and takes away everything you’ve progressed”, which although its review is positive, it does not express it without a certain dose of irony being noticeable.

The Day Before is now available on Steam, if there are brave souls who dare to try it.