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The end of an era: Xbox 360 sets closing date for its digital store

Microsoft decides to close the Xbox 360 Digital Store after more than 18 years since its launch.

Xbox 360 cierre tienda digital fecha cuándo qué pasa con mis juegos

Xbox 360 will close its digital store doors in 2024. The Microsoft division confirms the news, but not before outlining the measures they have taken so that users can continue to access their content. The closure will take place on July 29.

The team notes on its official blog that as of that date, it will stop “supporting the ability to purchase new games, DLC, and other entertainment content from the Xbox 360 Store on the console and the Xbox 360 Marketplace.″ Support for movies and TV content will no longer be viewable or purchasable through an Xbox 360. The company recommends that you access them through a device running Windows 10 and higher.

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How does the closure of the Xbox 360 Store affect you?

The shutdown will not affect the content you already have in your Xbox 360 profile. You will still be able to play your games and additional content that you have purchased over the years; in fact, backwards compatible games on Xbox One and Xbox X Series X|S that are digitally available will still be available for purchase through the current store on or through the Microsoft Store on your console.

Yes, the store will no longer be available, but all other services will remain intact. We are talking about Xbox Live. You will still be able to connect with your friends, create groups, and use the multiplayer features of the titles that will still be supported. Also, saved game data will continue to be stored in the cloud, so you can easily transfer it to other newer systems.

November 2023 will mark 18 years since the console’s launch, a generation beloved by gamers and which, in the case of Xbox, left us true myths in terms of exclusivity. From the legendary Finish the Fight of Halo 3 to the birth of the Gears of War franchise, which would become one of the brand’s flagships in the following years.