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The Flash’s original ending would have led directly to Man of Steel 2, Batman Beyond, and more

New details about The Flash’s discarded endings and scenes after the Warner/Discovery merger and James Gunn’s arrival have surfaced.

The Flash DC película Batman Superman

The Flash has been one of the biggest failures of 2023 thanks to disappointing global box office earnings that failed to cover the production’s costs. All this is due to several factors, from the wear of the DC brand in theaters to a problem-filled production, changes, and reshoots in order to adapt the plot to the DCEU reboot at the hands of James Gunn, giving rise to the new DCU. The changes in leadership, the merger of Warner Bros. with Discovery, and Gunn’s new plans made it so The Flash had to adapt its filming and post-production over and over again. Now, as reported by Cosmic Book News, new details of one of the discarded endings have appeared. An ending that opened the doors to Ben Affleck’s Batman film, Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill and Batman Beyond with Michael Keaton, projects that have since been canceled.

The Snyderverse still had a lot to say

T original ending of The Flash had the presence of Ben Affleck’s Batman, whose destiny was to be him remaining caught in time waiting for the Flash to rescue him. This opened the doors to his solo film in which he would have to face off with Deathstroke, and it was directly related to the vision of Bruce Wayne with Flash appearing fleetingly from the Speedforce in Batman v Superman.

The Flash DC película Batman Superman
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On the other hand, Henry Cavill’s Superman was to appear with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl as the stars of Man of Steel 2, in a lighter film when compared to Zack Snyder’s vision in which both Kryptonians joined forces against Brainiac. Lastly, Michael Keaton’s Batman stayed in the DCEU as some kind of Nick Fury, having his final scene with Barry Allen instead of the one we saw in theaters with George Clooney and leading directly to a Batman Beyond movie.

Source | Cosmic Book News