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The full list of Minecraft Legends voice actors: in which other games do they appear?

Minecraft Legends is finally here, and it has way more voice acting than we expected. Get to know the entire cast and learn what they did before joining the Minecraft franchise.

Minecraft Legends Impresiones avance

The recent launch of Minecraft Legends has left fans of the series happy and engaged in the fun and addictive RTS twist title of the incredibly popular franchise. But one thing that definitely came as a surprise was how much voice acting was in the game.

Typically, there’s not a lot of dubbing in the Minecraft series. While there have been characters in things like the Story Mode games by Telltale Games, and a narrator in Minecraft Dungeons, the main Minecraft entries are very dependent on the imagination of players to create their own stories. It might be that the franchise is heading in an entirely new direction, but thankfully they’ve knocked the ball out of the park thanks to the talent that lend their voice to the main characters in Minecraft Legends.

Who are the voice actors in Minecraft Legends?

If you’ve been playing through the newly released game, you might already be acquainted with the three main guides in the title: Foresight, Knowledge, and Action. These three are the backbone of the story, as well as the three main voices you’ll hear more often in the game. So who are the people behind these characters, and where might you have heard them before?

  • Knowledge is played by Elroy Powell, British singer-songwriter that has acted before in TV and movies. He recently played Jack Matt in Dying Light 2
  • Foresight is played by Pamela Nomvete, who’s never been in a video game before Minecraft Legends. She’s been in Andor and Gangs of London on TV.
  • Action is voiced by Scarlet Grace, who’s also making her debut in the world of video games. She has acted before in the series Truthseekers, as well as movies like Paddington 2, Fast & Furious 9, and more.

As for the rest of the voice actor, most of them have already been in several videogames, cartoons, and more projects as voice talent. They’ve also performed multiple roles in the game as the Piglins, both minions and big villains.

  • Kellen Goff played The Beast, Seeker, and Pigmadillo. He’s been part of the anime dubbing community in titles like My Hero Academia and Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure, and in games with roles in God of War Ragnarok, League of Legends, and Genshin Impact.
  • Christina Vee voiced Lava Launcher and The Seer. She’s been in the industry for a very long time, with roles in cartoons and shows like Ducktales, Miraculous, RWBY, and more. On games she’s been in titles like Fortnite and Fire Emblem, but the full list is too long to mention in this short space.
  • Brock Powell was The Great Hog. He’s been in God of War Ragnarok, Genshin Impact, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and many more.
  • Dino Andrade played Mace Runt and Blaze Runt. He’s lent his voice to Scarecrow in the Batman: Arkham trilogy, and has been in titles like Prey, World of Warcraft, Demon’s Souls, and many more.
  • Rick Zieff voiced Portal Guard and The Unbreakable. He’s another Hollywood actor who’s been in movies like Terminator 3, but in the world of gaming he’s interpreted characters from Half-Life Alyx, Dishonored 2, and Mass Effect.