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The Last of Us Part 1 on PC is a technical disaster

Users on PC are angry at what they consider a poorly optimized port of The Last of Us Part 1, PlayStation’s hit franchise, with tons of technical issues.

Last of Us

It doesn’t seem like PC users are particularly pleased with the latest conversion of a PlayStation Studios game to PC. The Last of Us: Part 1 is being demolished on Steam and on social networks due to a multitude of technical problems, crashes, and absurd situations such as the fact that it takes an awful lot to compile the shaders, which means that the first impressions of many players are experiences that went like this:

At the moment, the game is receiving an average rating of “mostly negative” on Steam, which is in contrast to other conversions of Playstation titles that have been received very positively by players. One of the common complaints is that despite having very capable teams, the game does not work as it should, presenting framerate issues, tearing, and other visual imperfections.

The most obvious recommendation is to let it finish compiling the shaders before playing, but that doesn’t quite explain all the problems users are running into, plus it’s strange that it takes so long to compile. Among the criticisms that users have stated in the digital store, we can find:

  1. “They should give us an achievement for finishing loading the shaders.”
  2. “It looks amazing but it has a lot of bugs and has already crashed several times!”
  3. “Optimization is even worse than my will to live.”
  4. “Game takes over 8 gigs of VRAM on medium settings, uses 100% CPU in the menu. In addition, the temperatures are very high. I’ll probably refund it soon.”

Naughty Dog is keeping an eye on what’s going on and working right now to patch the most obvious issues, focusing on these specific issues that are being monitored:

  • Loading shaders takes longer than expected.
  • Performance and stability are degraded while shaders are loading in the background.
  • Old graphics drivers can cause instability and/or graphics issues.
  • The game may fail to start despite meeting the minimum system requirements.
  • Possible memory leaks.