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Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle brings you Hollow Knight, Blasphemous and more for $15

Some of the greatest metroidvania games, like Hollow Knight and Blasphemous, are available right now at Humble Bundle for only $15 for all of them.

Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle is back, with a vengeance. It does it with a new temptation in which they encourage us to fall with that convincing catchphrase, “charitable causes”. This time they’re offering to give us some of the greatest metroidvania games of the last few years for only 15 dollars. In the middle of the age of the genre, and with just a few absences like Guacamelee or Ender Lilles, this pack contains hundreds of quality hours. Pay attention to the list of games involved:

  • Blasphemous
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Haiku, the Robot
  • Hollow Knight
  • Lone Fungus
  • Lost Ruins
  • Rain World

Humble Bundle with Blasphemous and Hollow Knight

The minimum price to get hold of a Steam code for all of the titles mentioned is $15 USD, and you can buy the bundle through the official Humble Bundle page.

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Blasphemous 2 vs Silksong, the duel of the year

This Humble Bundle is the best way (and one of the cheapest) to get into the metroidvania genre and set the background for what seems like one of the biggest duels of the year: Blasphemous 2 versus Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Although it remains to be seen if Hornet has her adventure ready for 2023 (the last we know is that it’s been officially delayed), nothing would make us happier than being able to enjoy it as we will do our return to Cvstodia. The new and sweet punishment of the Penitent has indeed confirmed that it will arrive in summer and after spending more than an hour with it, our first impressions could not be more clear: “it is a miracle and wishing for any other metroidvania, a sin”.

May they both arrive soon!


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